100% NEW, Never Remanufactured, MAF Sensors

Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensors are precision components that measure the amount of airflow entering the intake manifold and must communicate clearly with the Engine Control Module (ECM). Remanufactured MAF sensors with debris from prior use can hinder this communication and cause the vehicle to experience drivability issues.   

To ensure accurate airflow, precise performance, and longer service life, Standard® and Intermotor® offer a higher-quality alternative: a line of 100% NEW, never remanufactured, MAF Sensors.

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Maf Cover

The New Benchmark for MAF Sensors

Number of NEW
  MAF Sensors
     in our line 

We cover more
than 90% of all

  Our MAF Sensors
   are 100% NEW,
 not remanufactured 

Our MAF Sensors
     are 100%
Computer Tested 

Manufacturing 100% New MAF Sensors

Every Standard® and Intermotor® MAF Sensor is 100% NEW, not remanufactured, and all SMP-manufactured MAF Sensors are engineered and built in our vertically integrated TS16949-certified facility in Orlando, FL. SMP-manufactured sensors are designed with improvements such as thicker walls, upgraded components, and a custom-designed platinum RTD sensor. The result is a line of 100% NEW MAF Sensors that provide highly accurate readings and precise airflow output under all operating conditions.

Platinum RTD sensor
welded to Monel leads

for superior corrosion resistance
and unsurpassed joint strength

Thicker wall
for extra durability

100% computer
testing for all sensors
using advanced
Choked Airflow
Calibration and
Test System

Electro Static Discharge
(ESD) protection

Components capable of operating under extreme conditions ranging from
-40°F to 257°F

Upgraded components
improve circuit reliability
and performance

Every sensor matches OE output
and performs to specific application conditions

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Testing to Ensure Accurate Airflow

We use sophisticated automated equipment to test and calibrate our NEW MAF Sensors. Our Choked Air Flow Calibration and Test System produces pristine airflow to accurately measure, and apply mass airflow in grams/second. As a result, Standard® and Intermotor® NEW MAF Sensors match the OE output precisely, and perform flawlessly under all operating conditions, every time. Anything less would produce a MAF Sensor that is destined to fail.

Choked Air Flow Calibration
and Test System

Industry-Leading Coverage

The Standard® and Intermotor® line of 100% NEW MAF Sensors offers the broadest coverage in the aftermarket. With more than 140 part numbers, our MAF Sensor line provides greater than 90% coverage for all domestic and import MAF-equipped vehicles. 

High-Impact Packaging

From our engineering team to your shelf, Standard® and Intermotor® deliver the finest-quality NEW Mass Air Flow Sensors in the industry. It’s only fitting then that both Standard® domestic and Intermotor® import NEW Mass Air Flow Sensors are packed in premium, high-impact graphic packaging.