Standard® is your go-to source for a full line of accessory and electronic relay solutions that support all key engine components and systems, including: daytime running light kits, blower motor resistors (two or four), and TechSmart® HID Ballasts.

“Intermotor® Technology. The excellence is in the details.

Blower Motor Resistors

Intermotor® offers full line coverage for import blower motor resistors. With more than 200 blower motor resistors in the line, you can count on Intermotor® for the right resistor, always matching the original fit, form, and function.

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Reliable OE design for precise fit, form, and function every time

Use heavy molded ceramic body for maximum heat dissipation

Nichrome wire winding for robust durability and extended life

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TechSmart® HID Ballasts

TechSmart® delivers high-quality, direct-replacement HID Headlight Ballasts for domestic and import vehicles. HID headlights require a ballast to power them since they do not run on low-voltage current. When a ballast overheats and fails, the HID light system becomes inoperative. TechSmart’s line of HID Headlight Ballasts covers today’s most popular domestic and import applications. A high attention to quality ensures that this advanced safety feature functions properly each and every time you install a new TechSmart® unit.

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