The automotive market today includes over 40 vehicle makes, over 400 models and countless variations of those models. Vehicle manufacturers continue to expand electronic componentry as well as the vast array of products needed to service these systems. These additional category opportunities have led to the development of TechSmart®.

TechSmart® is an exciting new brand of enhanced engine control products developed for the professional service technician. TechSmart® was designed to help the technician with new technology, new categories, and problem-solving improvements to the original with a proven quality they can trust.

TechSmart® encompasses Standard® innovation, engineering expertise, superior product quality, meticulous testing, unmatched customer service, competitive pricing, and brand integrity. The qualities that have made Standard® the engine management industry leader for more than 90 years, are at the heart of every TechSmart® part.

The HVAC control module monitors the outside air quality while in AUTO mode using the Air Quality Sensor. There are 2 sensors inside the air quality sensor assembly. A hydro-carbon (HC) sensor that is used for detecting gasoline exhaust fumes and a Nox sensor that is used for detecting nitrous oxide or diesel exhaust fumes. When air quality around the front of the vehicle is poor, the air quality sensor system will send a signal to the HVAC system to begin operation.

TechSmart® offers the aftermarket's best premium Air Quality Sensors, ensuring that when a TechSmart® sensor is installed it means problem solved!

An ambient light sensor is used to measure the amount of light outside the vehicle. It then modifies the operation of automatic headlamps, daytime running lamps, and on some makes, it will adjust the climate control unit as it can also function as a sun load sensor. When the ambient light sensor fails, a vehicle’s headlamps may not illuminate even when the outside light dips below the required threshold; and the automatic temperature control will not adapt to changing conditions.

TechSmart® delivers a line of proven-quality Automatic Headlight Sensors. Automatic headlights eliminate the need for the driver to manually switch the headlights on or off. They are activated using a photoelectric sensor that senses lighting conditions at dawn or dusk. When the lighting conditions become too low, the Automatic Headlight Sensors turn the lights on, increasing visibility for the driver.

Trust TechSmart® for a proven-quality solution when replacing this important safety feature.

The Brake Booster Vacuum Sensor senses the amount of vacuum needed to maintain proper power brake operations.  If the sensor reads a low vacuum situation, it will illuminate the check engine light and give a trouble code. These can often fail when contaminated brake fluid damages the sensor; creating a potentially dangerous situation on this critical safety component. The TechSmart® Brake Booster Vacuum Sensors are high-quality replacements for damaged OE sensors and will ensure that the brake system is properly monitored.

TechSmart® offers a line of premium Headlight Level Sensors that work with a vehicle's self-leveling headlight system that adjust the headlight height in relation to the vehicle height. If the vehicle's trunk is loaded and the rear is sagging, the vehicle’s lights may shine high. Functioning headlight level sensors adjust to compensate for the rear being low. When the OE sensor fails, headlights will either shine too high or too low, creating a potentially dangerous driving situation for you and other drivers.

Trust TechSmart® to provide the highest-quality replacement solution for a failed Headlight Level Sensor.

TechSmart® offers a line of Humidity Sensors for late model import applications. Humidity sensors work with the vehicle's HVAC system to sense the humidity levels in the cabin and send a signal to the automatic climate control to begin operation.

Always replace a failed humidity sensor with a premium TechSmart® sensor to maintain comfort and proper HVAC operation.

TechSmart® offers a line of OE-specific premium Park Assist Sensors, also known as back-up sensors. TechSmart® Park Assist Sensors are 100% matched to the OE body style. Each park assist sensor is guaranteed to fit and perform just like the original. Each TechSmart® sensor connector is molded into the body just like the OE.

Count on TechSmart® to provide proven-quality solutions for these key safety elements.

Also available from TechSmart®, is our line of premium-quality Rain Sensors. Automotive rain sensors measure the amount of light being reflected and sent back to the sensor. If the glass is wet, less light makes it back and the sensor sends a signal to the wipers to operate. This eliminates the need to constantly adjust the wipers for misty or intermittent rain situations.

With a new Rain Sensor from TechSmart® you will keep your wipers operating efficiently and safely for the long haul.

Adding to TechSmart’s® growing line of advanced technology sensors comes our Sunload Sensors. The Sunload Sensor works with the HVAC temp sensor located in the passenger compartment. If the sensor detects a high sunlight condition, it will signal the fan to come on at a higher-than-normal level to maintain in cabin temperatures.

Keep comfortable with premium-quality TechSmart® Sunload Sensors.

When an OE transmission oil temperature sensor fails it can affect drivability, transmission service life, and comfort. Often the motorist will complain that the transmission is making a loud noise, the vehicle shifts hard, and the transmission will not shift into overdrive mode. The TechSmart® transmission oil temperature sensor provides the technician with a high-quality, cost-effective, direct replacement for the failed OE part.

If your Ram 5.9L or 6.7L  Cummins powered truck gets a P0106 code or exhibits excessive exhaust smoke and higher exhaust gas temperatures than normal, it may be the Turbocharger Speed Sensor causing the problem. The ECM interprets the signal from the vehicles Turbocharger Speed Sensor to monitor operating speed and determine if the turbo is functioning properly.  If the sensor fails and the turbo falls out of normal operating spec this could result in a very costly turbocharger replacement.  Replace a failed Turbocharger Speed Sensor with a high quality direct replacement TechSmart unit and prevent unnecessary repair bills.