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The Intermotor® digital resource library acts as your go-to location for all of our digital resources. In it you will find our current and past flyers, brochures, countermats, and more.


Description Item Id
Cleen (Pro Cleen) Fuel Injection Cleaning Manual GP9932
Cleen Plan Brochure CL10435APR12
Cleen Procedure Application Guide Online Manual
Cleen Product Flyer CL10338MAY11
Diesel Parts Identification for Warranty Purposes GF11448
Ignite Your Coil Sales Promo Flyer ST11437_APR20
Intermotor Countermat (Quality Your Import Demands) IM10905
Intermotor Import Leader Automotive Scholarship IM11131
Intermotor Premium Import Ignition Wire Brochure IM10405
QWIK-SENSOR Intro-card QS13001
QWIK-SENSOR Promo - Buy 5 Sets, Get 1 Set Free QS10946
QWIK-SENSOR Promo - Purchase Assortment, get TPMS Tool Free QS10945
QWIK-SENSOR Reference Guide QW10929
QWIK-SENSOR Tri-fold Brochure QS10925_SEP15
SMP - Managing Your Parts Business GF10136TR
SMP Mobile Parts App Brochure GF10914
TechSmart Counter Mat (Think TechSmart First) TS10966
TechSmart Counter Mat (You're Here to Talk Parts) TS10684
TechSmart New Parts Guide (Fall 2011) TS11020
TechSmart New Parts Guide (Fall 2012) TS11050
TechSmart New Parts Guide (Fall 2013) TS11080
TechSmart New Parts Guide (Spring 2011) TS11000
TechSmart New Parts Guide (Spring 2012) TS11040
TechSmart New Parts Guide (Spring 2013) TS11070
TechSmart New Parts Guide (Summer 2011) TS11010
TechSmart New Parts Guide (Summer 2014) TS11100
TechSmart New Parts Spotlight (April 2015) TS11140
TechSmart New Parts Spotlight (January 2015) TS11120
TechSmart New Parts Spotlight (July 2015) TS11160
TechSmart T55001 - New Software Update (QWIK-SENSOR) QS10947
TechSmart T55001: TPMS Relearn & Scan Tool Kit TS10629JUN13
TechSmart T55003 TPMS Tool Manual TS10885
TechSmart Tech: Curt Ritchey TS_TechAd_CRitchey
TechSmart Tech: John Filippone TS_TechAd_JFilippone
TechSmart Tech: Ken Elzinga TS_TechAd_KElzinga
TechSmart Tech: Lou Murante TS_TechAd_LMurante
TechSmart Tech: Oswaldo Lorenzana TS_TechAd_OLorenzana
TechSmart Tech: Peter Landry TS_TechAd_PLandry
TechSmart Tech: Steven Baker TS_TechAd_SBaker
TechSmart Tech: Tom Farrell TS_TechAd_TFarrell
TechSmart: Technician Bench Guide (Spring 2013) TS11060
TechSmart: Technician Bench Guide (Spring 2015) TS11130
The Evolution of Parts: "Blue Spring" Fuel Pressure Regulator Upgrade Kit TS11005FPR
The Evolution of Parts: DISA Valve Repair Kit TS11005DISA
The Evolution of Parts: Engine Coolant Air Bleeder Valve TS11005EBV
The Evolution of Parts: Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) TS11005FICM
The Evolution of Parts: High-Temperature Headlight Harnesses TS11005HHH
The Evolution of Parts: Shift Interlock Levers TS11005SIL
The Evolution of Parts: Steering Column Shift Tubes TS11005SCST
The Evolution of Parts: Trunk Hatch Handle Repair Kit TS11005THH
Think TechSmart First: 'Blue Spring' Fuel Pressure Regulator Upgrade Kit TS10235FPR-MAY14
Think TechSmart First: DISA Valve Repair Kits TS10235DVR
Think TechSmart First: Distributor Assemblies TS10235DA
Think TechSmart First: EGR Pressure Feedback Hose Kit TS10235EPH
Think TechSmart First: EGR Transducers TS10235EGT-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: Electronic Diverter Valve TS10235EDV-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: Electronic Throttle Bodies TS10235ETB-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: Engine Coolant Air Bleeder Valve TS10235ABV
Think TechSmart First: European Solutions TS10235TBA-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) TS10235FCM
Think TechSmart First: HID Headlight Ballast TS11051
Think TechSmart First: High-Pressure Fuel Pump Cam Follower TS10235FPC
Think TechSmart First: High-Temp Headlight Harnesses TS10235HHH-MAR16
Think TechSmart First: HVAC Air Door Actuators with Chamfered Pins TS10235BDP-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: HVAC Blend Door Motor Operation TS10235BDM-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: Ignition Coil Wiring Harness Repair Kit TS10235CWH
Think TechSmart First: Keyless Entry Transmitters TS10235KEY
Think TechSmart First: Park Assist Sensors TS10235PAS-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: PMD Relocation Kit TS10235PMDMAY17
Think TechSmart First: Power Distribution Center TS10235PDC-APR15
Think TechSmart First: Product Case Study Temperature Blend Door Actuator TS10235TBA-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: Steering Column Shift Tubes & Bushings TS10235CST-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: Tail Light Circuit Boards / Third Brake Light Assemblies TS10235TLC-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: Thermostat Housing Assembly / Expansion Tank Service Kit TS10235THA-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: Turbocharger Oil Drain Tube TS10235TOT-MAR13
Think TechSmart First: Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Components TS10235VVT-MAR13
TPMS Cloning Tool Manual 10542