New Diesel Fuel Injectors

Exclusive — New Diesel Fuel Injectors


Extensive engineering and manufacturing expertise coupled with high-precision equipment means Standard Diesel NEW Fuel Injectors include the latest engineering enhancements to match the OE injector. Standard Diesel NEW Fuel Injectors are built for the highest levels of precision and consistency, which delivers uncompromising quality, durability, and fuel economy.

What sets our new diesel injectors apart:

  • New OE-production fuel injector provides superior quality, emissions compliance, and fuel economy
  • Precision-manufactured with the latest engineering enhancements to match the OE injector
  • Product of OE-production design, development, engineering, and manufacturing processes, including sub-micron machining and complex assembly systems, to ensure durability
  • Undergoes extensive dynamometer, hot gas test stand, and diesel emissions testing for proper performance
  • Manufactured in U.S.A. at TS16949-certified facility

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